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The Walnut Bureau was founded in 1991 as the UK's first dedicated consultancy specialising in issue management and strategic planning for publicly funded, professional and charitable organisations, especially in polarised and sensitive issues.

Most organisations will face sensitive issues, environmental and ethical concerns, threats, pressure groups, public concerns, financial problems or staff difficulties at some time. The Walnut Bureau is expert in crisis management, public consultation, promoting dialogue, consensus and mediation, and long term planning in issue management.

The Walnut Bureau routinely tracks major issues and pressure group activity and holds an extensive information archive on planning, pollution, water, health, animal rights, quarrying, GM crops, organic farming, food safety, sustainable transport, alternative energy, ethical investment, environmental, conservation and rural affairs.

For details of crisis and issue management, crisis training and other services please contact us.

The Walnut Bureau seeks way to promote dialogue, cooperation and consensus. Myc Riggulsford invented National Transplant Week in 1991.

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