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Media Training, Presentation Skills, Cafe Scientifique & Science Communications
We provide management training in presentation skills, public communication and media performance from our extensive programme of modular workshops either in-house or at training centres. Includes television, radio, cafe scientifique, writing, powerpoint, presentations, public speaking, press conferences, meeting skills, crisis and sensitive issues.

Crisis Management & Sensitive Issues
Most organisations will face sensitive issues, environmental and ethical concerns, threats pressure group, public concerns, financial problems or staff difficulties at some time. The Walnut Bureau offers expert assistance in crisis management, public consultation, promotion of public dialogue, consensus and mediation and long term planning in issue management.

Public Consultation & Information Audits: Dialogue, Debate and Society
The Walnut Bureau has extensive national and European experience in information and communication audits to identify target audiences, stakeholder groups, key messages and communication tools.

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